CAE announced today at the World Aviation Training Symposium (WATS) the qualification of its first CAE 7000XR Series Airbus A320 full-flight simulator (FFS) to FAA Part 60 Change 2 requirements, covering Extended Envelope and Adverse Weather Training. This key achievement was made possible following an industry collaboration held earlier this year at CAE with the OEM, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and several US airline customers.

Following the identification of Loss of control In-Flight (LOC-I) as the number one cause of fatalities in commercial operations over the past decade, Extended Envelope and Adverse Weather Training events will become mandatory training requirements by the FAA by March 2019. With this latest qualification, flight crews will be able to train for full stalls, upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), icing conditions, gusting crosswind landings and bounced landings on CAE’s 7000XR Series Airbus A320 FFS based on Airbus modelling and flight test data.

“As the leader in training, we are extremely proud to qualify the first FAA-approved Airbus A320 FFS for Extended Envelope and Adverse Weather Training. This accomplishment was made possible, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the FAA and our airlines partners in the US, leading up to the qualification”, said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions. “This industry-first achievement is a testament to CAE’s commitment to shaping the future of pilot training, leading the way in safety and security, to serve the entire industry, including all of our airline partners and air passengers the world-over”.

This accomplishment follows the qualification of Extended Envelope and Adverse Weather Training by CAE of all Boeing aircraft types. CAE continues to work with regulatory authorities including the FAA and all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to complete the qualification on all other commercial aircraft types.

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