CAE simulation-based training helps RAAF and RAF C-130J aircrews prepare for humanitarian missions in Nepal

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Royal Air Force (RAF) have been using CAE's simulation-based training to prepare C-130J aircrews to fly into airfields around Nepal.   Both the RAAF and RAF quickly mobilised their air mobility forces to bring supplies to the region in support of humanitarian relief efforts following the devastating earthquake on April 25. 

Shortly after the earthquake, the RAAF's No. 285 Squadron at Richmond, Australia, which is responsible for providing training to RAAF C-130J Hercules crews, asked CAE to quickly prepare virtual databases of airfields around Nepal, including Kathmandu and Pokhara.  Within a couple days, CAE Australia staff who provide training support services to the RAAF were able to develop and deliver the required databases so that RAAF C-130J aircrews could begin flying pre-deployment missions in the C-130J full-flight mission simulator (FFMS). 

"Our C-130J crews are often called upon to respond to short-notice and highly-complex tasks, such as Operation Nepal Assist," said Wing Commander Nick Hogan, 285 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force.  "The ability to practice and rehearse our flying missions in simulation before actually deploying, particularly to areas which are unfamiliar to us, is invaluable and extremely beneficial."

A couple of days after the earthquake in Nepal, the RAF in the United Kingdom also committed to deploying a C-130J Hercules transport to Kathmandu to provide logistics support.  CAE UK staff who provide on-site maintenance and support services at RAF Brize Norton for C-130J training asked the RAF if they wanted CAE to install a database of the Kathmandu area in the RAF's two C-130J dynamic mission simulators. CAE UK staff liaised with CAE Australia staff to secure the virtual database of the Kathmandu airfield that had already been developed for the RAAF and will be installing it in the RAF's C-130J simulators.

Both the RAAF and RAF train on CAE-built C-130J simulators that feature databases built to the Common Database (CDB) standard, which is an open database architecture that is rapidly updateable and enables joint distributed mission training.  The implementation of the CDB architecture on simulators and training devices significantly enhances interoperable training and mission rehearsal capabilities, while reducing development time, configuration control and associated database development costs.

"The Common Database is really the foundation and enabling capability that allows defence forces to quickly and efficiently utilize synthetic environments for joint training and mission rehearsal, whether that is for combat or humanitarian operations," said Gene Colabatistto, Group President, Defence & Security, CAE.  "As a truly global company, we have CAE staff providing on-site services to our customers at numerous locations around the world, and we are very proud of the supporting role we play in contributing to the safety and readiness of our defence customers."

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