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Pushing The Frontiers in Aircraft Simulation

CAE maintains its position as an industry leader through the adoption of new technologies for digital immersion. As the first leading aviation simulation and training organization to embrace gaming technology, we leverage our rich simulation experience to customize and seamlessly integrate game engines into professional simulators. CAE is introducing the next generation of visual system based on gaming-engine. The CAE Prodigy Image Generator (IG) leverages Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a state-of-the-art gaming engine that delivers high-fidelity graphics and physics-based simulation.

Highly-Realistic Simulation Combined With COTS

CAE Prodigy improves visual simulation fidelity by elevating training standards in all areas, including photo-realistic renderings and enhanced moving models, to provide a more immersive training experience. CAE Prodigy enhances the virtual training areas with higher resolution 3D content, larger quantity of entities and lifeforms to realistically populate virtual environments, which will positively impact training efficiency and transfer of training to real flight scenarios. Using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) projection technology, CAE continues to lead the way in immersive training for civil aviation applications. Designed to be flexible and scalable, this solution is compatible with direct projection, head-mounted display and collimated display systems.
CAE Prodigy delivers high-fidelity graphics by leveraging Epic Games' Unreal Engine
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Powered by Gaming Engine Technologies

• Based on Epic Games' Unreal Engine

• Ability to support increased scene density covering larger areas in cities and airport zones

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True-To-Life Visual Image

• Physics-based atmosphere lighting model with shadows, reflections and specular effects

• Increased 3D modeling precision, resolution and realism

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Tools to Modify or Add to the Airport Scene

• CAE Prodigy enables higher quality and up-to-date airports using CAE True™ Airport Services 

• Include realistic airport traffic with CAE ACE™ (Airport Clutter Editor)

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CAE is providing an upgrade path to CAE Prodigy for in-service training devices

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Advanced Air Mobility

CAE Prodigy extends its capabilities to the CAE 700MXR Flight Simulator. The simulation is further enhanced in urban areas, featuring higher imagery resolution and AI-generated geotypical 3D content. Moreover, within the broader urban geo-typical areas, geo-specific regions seamlessly integrate to deliver precise world replicas during critical phases of flight.