Our priorities

  • Ensure environmental management system excellence and compliance
  • Set targets for energy and carbon footprint reduction
  • Improve our material and resource efficiency

Future commitments

  • Further develop our energy and waste reduction initiatives on a global scale
  • Review employees’ personal Green Pledge initiatives, share them and support, when applicable, their implementation
  • Deploy centralized waste-sorting stations, including compostable material sorting, at our Montreal headquarters

Shrinking our environmental footprint

Our global presence spans 160 sites and training locations in over 35 countries. Our Environmental Policy and ISO 14001-aligned Environmental Management System (EMS) guide us in managing our environmental impact across these sites and locations. Inter-site communication and best-practice sharing is helping to accelerate improvements in our environmental performance.

Tracking our progress

Environmental performance reports are presented to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Every site manager is responsible for tracking performance against environmental targets as well as compliance with local environmental regulations and requirements.

In 2017, for instance, we completed our first carbon footprint calculation. In addition, at sites where we have operational control over non-hazardous waste and energy, we reduced our electricity consumption by 2% and non-hazardous waste disposal by 3%.

Find more achievements in our latest Annual activity and corporate social responsibility report.

Our ‘Green Pledge’

In 2017, we launched the Green Pledge, an online company-wide voluntary initiative that invites employees around the globe to commit to four simple day-to-day actions. The program also allows employees to share their personal best practices.

To incentivize people, the Green Pledge included a friendly inter-site challenge with prizes going to the global site and the three regional sites with the highest percentage of pledgers. Less than a year into the initiative, more than 20% of our workforce had signed the pledge and added nearly 2,000 personal environmental initiatives—a resounding success for our first Green Pledge!

Featured Story

Our simulators – environmentally-friendly by nature

Our simulators play a key role in reducing our customers’ carbon footprint by avoiding the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions associated with live flying training.

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