Our priorities

  • Complete the implementation of the 10 global health and safety (H&S) standards in our operational excellence model
  • Education and development: global H&S leadership and employee training

Future commitments

  • Reduce our Injury Frequency Rate (IFR) and Days Lost Rate (DLR)
  • Strengthen our H&S global governance
  • Integrate leading indicators into our yearly objectives to improve our leadership actions
Safety is our business

CAE’s core business is to offer training solutions to make civil aviation safer, maintain defence force readiness and enhance patient safety. Therefore, health and safety are firmly top-of-mind in everything that what we do. As our live flying training programs grow, along with the number of our instructors in the air, the risks are increasing. We’re rolling out a more open approach across CAE to foster an aviation safety culture focused on leading indicators and greater safety for all. Rather than blaming individuals for their missteps, we encourage people to speak openly about them so we can all learn and improve.

At our CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, the world’s largest ab initio flight training network, we’ve been using a disciplined process of root cause analysis to examine our near misses since 2010. This process has resulted in numerous corrective actions, better procedures and more effective and frequent training to prevent the recurrence of these near misses.

Every year, we hold our Annual Global Environment, Health and Safety meeting, creating global synergies for exchanging best practices and aligning all H&S representatives with our corporate strategy and vision. We also celebrate Global Health and Safety Day at Work every year, to share health and safety initiatives with all our employees worldwide.

A solid foundation

To achieve our vision of world-class H&S performance and zero injuries, we’re guided by our:

Our four strategic pillars
  • Compliance
  • Structure and programs
  • Education and development
  • Leadership and behaviours

The first two pillars ensure we establish a strong foundation for H&S excellence, while the last two help us embed a management-led prevention culture across our organization.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Developed in fiscal 2016, our Safety Management System (SMS) reflects the global reality of our businesses and aligns expectations with our policy and standards. It incorporates our governance, reporting and metrics processes.

Global Health and Safety team

Our executive-led Global H&S team meets monthly to:

  • Discuss high-risk issues and action plans
  • Monitor incident investigations, corrective and preventive actions, and overall H&S performance
10 critical H&S standards
  • Our vision of excellence is supported by 10 critical H&S standards. We began rolling out these global standards in fiscal 2016. These standards help us build the solid foundation needed to create a world-class culture, standardize our operations and improve leadership accountability for H&S performance. They are:


      Management and leadership                      Risks and hazards identification

Energy isolation                                             Work at heights and fall protection

Electrical safety                                              Rigging and mobile lifting equipment

Confined spaces and isolated work           Explosion and fire protection

Contractor management                             Emergency preparedness

Featured story

A global commitment to H&S and Aviation Safety

We announced the creation of a Steering Committee for Global Health & Safety and Aviation Safety in 2017. Meeting on a quarterly basis, The primary goals of this committee are to:

  • Improve the alignment between Health & Safety/Aviation Safety and CAE business units
  • Ensure a higher visibility of these matters to executive members; and
  • Allow executive members to better monitor the progress made in these areas
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