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March 15, 2020

CAE measures to ensure safety through the COVID-19 crisis

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, CAE has been proactively taking measures to ensure the safety of its customers, its employees and their families, while ensuring the continuity of its operations. These are extraordinary times, with major travel restrictions, lockdowns and school closures in many countries around the world.

The wellness, health and safety of all our stakeholders are paramount. It will always be our highest priority, while we remain focused on supporting our customers and providing them with the best services.

As the training partner of choice, we are delivering essential services for the continuity of our customers’ operations. In order to maintain our support, we implemented the following measures in all our locations:

Access to our locations and cleaning protocols

  • CAE has implemented strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols for its facilities, which will be maintained as long as it is required
  • CAE monitors access to its locations and observes quarantine guidance for visitors, employees or suppliers who visited or transited through outbreak areas and local guidance from governments around the world

Meetings and gatherings

  • All face-to-face meetings will be minimized
  • Gatherings of 50 people or more will be avoided
  • Group meetings via virtual meeting tools
  • Seating areas of cafeterias: where possible, food services will remain open, but seating areas will be closed to minimize contact

On premise work

  • Based on the latest government recommendations from various countries, we have asked our employees who can work remotely to do so until April 3
  • Essential resources work will continue to be executed on-site to ensure operational continuity
  • On-site staff will follow best practices measures to minimize contact (e.g. shift work, spaced desks)


  • Business travel is limited to activities that are directly related to providing services to our customers and allowed by local restrictions
  • Emergency medical support remains in place for all our employees
  • All government/local regulations are strictly followed


Information on access to CAE locations and services

As the situation evolves constantly, we invite you to communicate with your main contact at CAE before planning a visit to one of our locations or if you have any questions.