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Extended Reality (XR) combines virtual and real worlds to create immersive experiences.

It is like stepping into a video game but feeling like you are in the action itself. This technology allows maintenance technicians to learn and practice in an immersive virtual environment, making training more interactive and effective. This whitepaper explores the benefits of leveraging Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to shape aircraft maintenance training for the benefit of all stakeholders in a constantly evolving aviation ecosystem.

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A word from our Division President

“Aviation is one of the industries where the adoption of emerging technologies is accelerating. Virtual Reality, especially when it comes to aircraft technician training, is proving to be a high value solution. One of the main reasons VR is used in maintenance training is to lower the risks associated with traditional training methods.”



Alexandre Prevost, Division President - Business Aviation and Helicopter Training, CAE

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About this whitepaper

Using XR is already revolutionizing how technicians are trained, making it easier for them to learn complex tasks and improving overall maintenance quality. The whitepaper:

  • Delves into the advantages of current Virtual Reality (VR)-based maintenance training, emphasizing its use in classrooms with instructor-led sessions, aircraft simulation, and virtual walkarounds.
  • Discusses the enhanced benefits of merging VR with Artificial Intelligence (AI), including intelligent interactions, life-like avatars, and immersive experiences via VR-headset simulation. 
  • Explores the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) for technician training. 
  • Advocates the adoption and advancement of emerging technologies to shape the future of aircraft maintenance training, aiming to benefit the entire aviation ecosystem.
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