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Human Resources Practices and processes

Diversity enabling infrastructure:

  • Ensure gender-neutral and bias-free recruitment tools and processes to foster the inclusion of women, people with disabilities, visible minorities and Aboriginal peoples
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Extended leave policies
  • Back to work programs
  • Ensuring wheelchair accessible facilities when renovating our locations
  • Partner with non-profit organizations to access candidates from these four groups and generate hiring matches

Talent acquisition and development

Women’s leadership development:

  • Training & Coaching: implement specific development programs to encourage women in leadership positions including the Women in Leadership (WIL) component of our Annual Leadership Development Process
  • Sponsoring & mentorship
  • Women’s networks: support the growth of our Professional Women’s Network (PWN)
  • Provide scholarships
  • Executive presence and sponsor of WIDS (Women in Defence and Security), an organization that promotes and supports the advancement of women in Canadian defence and security industries.


Make Diversity & Inclusion a corporate and strategic priority

Create a Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council to oversee our efforts

Inclusive mindset:

  • On-the-job training, meant to set the foundation for what it means to be truly diverse and inclusive. Includes “Diversity Made Simple” and “Employment Equity in Canada” e-learnings.
  • Evaluation and recruitment debiasing

Tracking and measurement

Transparency and indicators tracking