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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is integral to who CAE is as a company and how our organization makes a difference in the world. CSR is embedded in our culture and drives our priorities, decisions and actions.

Our priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and customers, and to have a positive impact on the communities where we are located. Today, CAE stands at an exciting juncture in our CSR journey, one that began six years ago.


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At CAE, everyone is welcome to contribute to our success. With no exception.

We are actively building a company that’s more open, progressive and people centric, and creating a workplace where all employees can feel accepted, included and valued for who they are.

Sharpening our focus on Diversity & Inclusion is both the smart and right thing to do. The more diverse our people are and the more inclusive our culture is, the more innovative and successful we’ll be in achieving our purpose.

Our commitment to fostering an increasingly diverse workforce and inclusive culture is rooted in our values.

CAE steps up in the humanitarian fight against COVID-19

We believe it is our duty to find ways to innovate and help our community through these challenging times. We have therefore put different initiatives in place to address the situation, such as:

  • Production of CAE Air1 ventilator for the Canadian government
  • Complimentary training for suspected COVID-19 cases;
  • Delivering N95 masks to the Quebec and Manitoba governments;
  • A website where we keep all our employees informed on a regular basis;
  • A forum where employees can give ideas on how to mitigate the impact of COVID‑19;
  • A contract with The Pyure Company (PYURE) to assemble air sanitizers using Pyure's technology that has demonstrated through an independant U.S. certified scientific lab to significantly destroy the COVID-19 virus in the air and on surfaces
  • Spearheading the Industry For Vaccination group and opening of CAE Montreal Vaccination Centre

Read more in our Social responsibility section and our FY21 Annual Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility report.

CAE is carbon neutral

CAE reached its carbon neutrality commitment on September 28, 2020, becoming the first Canadian aerospace company to reach this goal. Our strategy is organized into three phases targeting three ways to reduce our carbon footprint: consume less, consume better, offset carbon emissions.

During the last year, we became carbon neutral by purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) in the countries where we operate to offset our use of electricity and investing in greenhouse gas reduction projects (carbon offsets), including wind energy projects in India and forest conservation in Canada.

Our long-term strategy is to determine how we can reduce at the source, through initiatives in partnership with our industry.

CAE and its employees raise $1 million for Centraide of Greater Montreal (United Way) amid COVID-19 pandemic

CAE has raised 1 million dollars in its 2020 CAE-Centraide (United Way) fundraising campaign, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For the second consecutive year, CAE raised 1 million dollars through employee donations, fundraising activities and a corporate donation.

Our ethical principles for the responsible use of data analytics

CAE adopted ethical principles for the responsible use of data to better manage risks associated with new technologies used for profiling and monitoring purposes.

The adoption of these principles affirms our commitment to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in our dealings with employees, customers and all other stakeholders in our ecosystem. The principles are also a commitment to go beyond what is legally required to protect CAE’s and its stakeholders' data.

Our principles are:

  • Safety first: Our goal is to improve safety 
  • Transparency: Our analytics intelligence is transparent and understandable
  • Empowerment: Artificial intelligence in our systems is intended to empower people
  • Duration: Individual learning data must have an agreed life span
  • Privacy and Security by Design: We put data protection and security at our core 
  • Non-discrimination: Artificial intelligence that creates unfair bias will not be pursued

What's new: CAE reports on two industrial categories identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

In addition to its Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and TCFD reporting, as of FY21, CAE reports on two industrial categories identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Prioritizing our Sustainable Development Goals

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since fiscal 2016, CAE incorporates the UNGC’s Ten Principles into our strategies, policies and procedures, establishing a culture of integrity and respect toward people and the planet. Responsible business and investment are rooted in these universal principles, with awareness and action driven through the UN’s 17 Social Development Goals (SDGs).

The CSR Committee identified the following five goals.

CSR governance

Launched in fiscal 2016, our cross-functional CSR Committee is responsible for rolling out and embedding CSR commitments and best practices across CAE. It is also in charge of identifying, reviewing and assessing our performance in ethical, environmental, social and reputational matters. The committee includes members from our three core businesses (Civil Aviation Training Solutions, Defence & Security and Healthcare) as well from engineering, corporate services, and three members from our Executive Management Committee.

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