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Mission and Operations Support (M&OS)

Our products and services help defense and security forces achieve and maintain the highest levels of mission readiness.

Today’s defense forces are shifting their training and operational focus from asymmetric warfare to near peer threats.  This requires their existing, often ad-hoc or platform-centric C5ISR architectures to adapt to the pace of the modern battlespace. As a recognized leader in digital innovation, CAE goes beyond training to offering operational support solutions leveraging new technologies in a modular, open source digital ecosystem. CAE’s systems and solutions support multi-domain mission readiness – across air, land, maritime, space and cyber domains -- and into public safety, security and strategic national resilience sectors.  Our solutions are developed and delivered to customers who operate in complex, high-stakes environments where successful outcomes are critical.  

The past year has been a transformational one for CAE’s Defense & Security business unit, notably as a result of the largest acquisition in CAE’s history.  CAE acquired L3Harris’ Military Training business, which included the iconic Link Simulation & Training as well as Doss Aviation.  This acquisition has solidified our leadership position in the defense training market, but also enhanced our capabilities and offerings, particularly in the area of mission and operations support. 

CAE offers a range of systems and services from advanced data fusion and AI-enabled decision support tools to front line mission planning and operational support services.  We provide a variety of mission and operations support solutions across market segments, including:

  • Command & control, computers (IT infrastructure), communications, and cyber (C5)
  • Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support
  • Alternative options for military actions and course of action analysis
  • Launch and recovery for mission support
  • Logistics for mission support
  • Post-mission planning
  • Staff augmentation for a range of mission and operational support requirements