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Our people make a difference

Everyday, in each of our training locations and in each country where we operate, our employees work towards the same vision: to be the worldwide training partner of choice. Our mission is a source of pride. We make a difference in the world by making air travel safer, allowing defence forces to be mission-ready and helping medical personnel save lives.

Shaping the future of training responsibly

Social responsibility lies at the heart our business. This commitment guides us as we shape the future of training around the globe. Fundamental to this commitment is our dedication to our people as well as their health and safety.

A great place to work

Teamwork and collaboration make us who we are. We are one big, passionate and interconnected team looking in the same direction and helping each other succeed.

We value the contribution and talent of each of our employees. We also create a great work environment where we can also have fun! From CAE’s Color Days, the Engineering Rap, the Innovation Challenges or other initiatives around the world, see for yourself what it’s like to work at CAE!

What matters to us – our values

Our five CAE values come from within. They are the essence of our identity and guide our actions every day.

They shape our company culture, balanced around our key stakeholders: employees, customers and shareholders.

These five values will help us achieve the culture to which we aspire:


We are proud to work as one passionate and inclusive team with one common goal: the success of all stakeholders, whether they are employees, customers or shareholders. We know that we accomplish more together than on our own. That is why we embrace diversity and strive to create a work environment where all employees are valued, respected and safe. We promote employee well-being by focusing on employee recognition, development, and having fun!


That’s who we are: One CAE.


We give our employees the freedom to succeed by enabling them to deliver, take initiatives and make decisions at their level, while always maintaining accountability. With our “can-do” attitude, we are empowered to find solutions for all stakeholders – customers, shareholders and colleagues – in order to deliver on our commitments.


Thinking outside the box got us far and will get us even further, because we continuously look for creative solutions in everything that we do. We stay alert, agile and adaptable so as to quickly spot opportunities that can drive growth, success and continuous improvement. For us, innovation is not a department, it’s a state of mind.


Since our business is built on trust, we adhere to the highest moral standards. Integrity is the core of everything we do because it makes us a better team, gives confidence to our stakeholders, reinforces loyalty, courage and resilience, and creates a sense of community. We believe in clear, truthful communication: we celebrate the positive and learn together from the negative. Customers, employees and shareholders all deserve honesty, transparency and responsiveness.


We aim to be the very best at everything that we do. Employees, customers and shareholders know that they can depend on us because we never give up. To continuously achieve excellence, we are proactive in terms of leadership, planning, execution and long-term vision. We have a winning mindset: not only do we fulfill our customer needs with the best quality, but we anticipate and go beyond.