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The demand for cabin crew has gained considerable interest in the last year. Also known as “Safety Professionals”, cabin crew need to ensure that passengers feel safe and comfortable from the moment they step on board, until the moment they leave the aircraft. It may just seem like they offer ice or no ice, cookies or pretzels, chicken or pasta to the average flyer, however, underneath their uniforms, they don a metaphorical jacket of a firefighter, the scrubs of a medical professional, or the notebook of a therapist.

new cabin crew needed over the next 10 years
New cabin crew professionals needed per region
599K new cabin crew needed
over the next 10 years
Remain active
Remain active
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Time to step onboard
As commercial aviation returns – and even surpass – pre-COVID numbers, the role of these safety professionals has become more evident. The general aging of the workforce presents a challenge for airlines and operators to overcome.
34% of cabin crew in the United States are over 50 years old
Source: These Gold Wings, "Am I Too Old to Be a Flight Attendant?"
See your career takeoff
The job of a cabin crew member is a masterful juggling act that requires them to not only keep a multitude of tasks in mind as they simultaneously cater to all the possible whims of weary passengers. To successfully accomplish all of that, they need a top-notch training program that will help prepare them for it all.
45% growth
in cabin crew demand
from 2023 to 2032
active cabin crew forecasted for 2032
The sky's the limit - literally
We need to rid ourselves of our unconscious bias and open the possibilities for all underrepresented groups, including people of colour, Indigenous people, members of the LGBTQ2+ communities, people who are or neurodiverse or who have disabilities, to pursue a fruitful career in aviation.
Hear from those whose careers took flight...
Alina Olteanu,
Cabin Crew member at Wamos Air
Spread your wings!
I love being a cabin crew because it is not a typical job: you grow wings in every sense of the term both professionally and personally. In fact, to me, it’s not even a job, it’s a lifestyle.
This passion for aviation came to me when I was a child. I would watch a plane fly by and I would be completely fascinated. I was lucky to start flying in a B747 to incredible destinations at the start of my career. To this day, what makes every journey worth it, is a passenger’s sign of appreciation at the end of a flight. A smile, nice words, a kind ‘thank you’, and even sometimes a hug makes it all worthwhile.
If you’re thinking of a career as cabin crew, don’t think twice and follow your heart. This might just be your calling to spread your wings.
Antonio Gomez-Igbo
Product Marketing Manager, Civil Aviation at CAE
A world of opportunities
As a cabin crew member, you’re exposed to the world. To me, the most rewarding part of the profession are the people you meet, the different cultures you experience, the languages you hear, and the places you see.
This is the role that got me started in aviation. After 4 years as cabin crew (inspired by my dad who spent more than 35 years in the industry), I grew into different roles, such as Resource Planning Manager, In-Flight Base Supervisor and Crew Software Configuration Specialist. The world of aviation offers endless opportunities.
Becoming a cabin crew is one of them. And at the end of the day, if it is no not for you, you can always leave. However, be careful, as it is a very addictive industry.
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