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Are you a future airline pilot?

Your journey to the flight deck starts here, today.

Join the ranks of more than 7,000 CAE Pilots worldwide flying for prestigious airlines and operators such as JetBlue, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.


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CAE Experience

  • CAE has more than 70 years of training excellence with CAE Phoenix as a cadet training location for more than 10 years.
  • Join the ranks of notable alumni now flying for airlines and operators including:
    • Frontier Airlines
    • iAero
    • Envoy Air
    • PSA Airlines
    • JetBlue
    • XOJet
    • JetLynx
  • Equipped with more than 70 aircraft, including Piper Archer and Seminoles, you will learn to fly on aircraft with advanced G1000 avionics.
  • CAE's fleet of training aircraft are maintained by in-house maintenance technicians who are on-call 24/7
  • Benefit from CAE's close relationship with airline partners to stay on top of your training and job prospects upon graduation.


CAE Airline Partnerships

  • When selected by an airline to enter a training program, cadets are placed on a pathway to begin their career as a First Officer.
  • Airline program cadets at CAE gain access to an airline representative who can advise and guide you through your training.
  • Airline partners include:
    • JetBlue
    • American Airlines
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Aeromexico
    • Japan Airways
    • Qatar Airways
    • and more
  • As many as 98% of graduates are employed with an airline after graduation.


Phoenix Experience

  • Phoenix averages more than 350 flying days per year, minimizing time on the ground and maximizing time in the air.
  • Learn to fly with complex Class B, D and E airspace in Phoenix.
  • Rent and groceries are more than 30% cheaper than some other states such as California and there is no sales tax on flight training in Arizona.
  • Training flights take you to the Grand Canyon, Palm Springs, Sedona, Las Vegas, San Diego, Santa Monica and Lake Havasu.
  • By car, the CAE Phoenix Aviation Academy is located only 25 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
  • Enjoy the outdoor Arizona lifestyle offering activities such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and skiing.


Funding & Scholarships

  • Program cost varies by training program.
  • Preferential loan programs are available to US citizens, US Permanent Resident Aliens and Mexican residents. Depending on your country of residency, programs are available to eligible applicants from Sallie Mae, Meritize and Scotiabank.
  • Promoting the advancement of women in aviation, CAE created the CAE Women in Flight scholarship program, which allocates 5 scholarships to eligible women worldwide in partnership with leading airlines.
  • Multiple organizations including AOPA, FAA, EAA and others provide scholarships to eligible applicants.
  • For more details on funding and scholarships, speak with a training expert.


Don't wait another day to take flight, speak with a training expert today