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Aviation Finance

The goal of an aviation manager is to minimize costs and improve the management and use of aviation resources. This training class focuses on those cost accounting practices that aviation professionals should follow in managing aircraft operations.

The intended audience includes all aviation managers (pilot, maintenance, operations, support) and entry-level accounting, finance, and acquisition personnel who operate aircraft to support its assigned function.

This course will instruct aviation personnel in collecting, analyzing, and budgeting aviation operations. Implementing the accounting system requires the use of trained financial and accounting personnel. If properly implemented, a cost accounting system is a valuable tool to help aviation managers make sound decisions in the management of aircraft operations. This course adopts widely accepted aviation cost accounting practices and acknowledges federal government reporting requirements.

These topics will be covered in detail:

  • Aviation finance
  • Financial basics
  • Budgeting for aircraft operations
  • Cost allocation
  • Forms and record-keeping
  • Financial reports

We place a brief Glossary of Financial & Accounting Terms at the end of this training manual for future reference.

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