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Wiring Schematic Interpretation

Aircraft Wiring Schematic Interpretation

Time-efficient troubleshooting of electrical wiring interconnect system (EWIS) malfunction is an ongoing problem in the aerospace industry. This course provides fundamental training covering the finding, interpreting, and point-to-point reading of aircraft-specific wiring schematics.

Essential to reducing time and increasing savings by returning aircraft to service, technicians of all experience levels can become more proficient in wiring schematic interpretation with these enhanced troubleshooting skills.

In this comprehensive course, students will achieve the following:

  • Find correct wiring diagrams for specific aircraft serial numbers
  • Interpret manufacturer-specific schematic symbols and connections
  • Locate wiring and termination part numbers
  • Work through wiring schematics to solve troubleshooting scenarios

Per customer request, the course can be adapted for unique wiring diagrams used on specific aircraft.

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