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17 November 2022

As global defense organizations face what many have referred to as, “the most dangerous decade” since the Second World War, the link between effective training and mission readiness has never been stronger.

In this episode of CAE Catalyst, we examine some of the critical enablers powering military training transformation; innovative new tools and approaches available to military training programs seeking to produce a greater number of graduates that are trained better, faster and cheaper. We will discuss how advances in the science of learning, including biometrics, cognitive performance measures, and neuroscience are informing training system design. Our discussion will also provide a deeper understanding of how learning tools and practice integrate to deliver outcome-focused training systems tuned for efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability.

Training, Adaptive Learning, Modernization, Military modernization, digital innovation, defense, DoD, technology, innovation, simulation, instructional design, education, military, defense training, machine learning, artificial intelligence, synthetic environments, data analytics, biometrics, cognitive performance, neuroscience, science of learning.

Regan Patrick, Chief Learning Officer, CAE Defense & Security

Sandro Scielzo, PhD 

Human Systems Technical Authority,

R&D and Joint Operations,

Defense & Security, CAE USA

Dr. Arnd Helmetag

Head of Flight Operations Center EMEA

Defence & Security, CAE GmbH