CAE is honored each year to support the Women in Defence and Security (WiDS) organization. Indeed, we believe in supporting women and allies across all CAE’s business units, as our goal is to promote equity for all women at CAE. This year’s theme Be You. Be True. Belong is one we embody and stand by.

We were privileged to have France Hebert, Vice-President, General Manager, Defence & Security, Canada as the keynote speaker for the reception on March 2nd , as she proudly highlighted the work that women do in this industry and how they manage to thrive with great authenticity and excellence, despite the challenges. We congratulate Mary Raposo, FWSAR Program Leader for being recognized as one of the Emerging leaders (a campaign celebrating the value women bring to Canada’s Defence and Security community).

Thankfully, our collaboration didn’t stop there. As the prime sponsor for WiDS Spring Speed Mentoring event that took place in Ottawa on April 20th, we were able to participate and contribute to this great mentorship program, that shapes our women leaders in the defence sector and gives them the opportunity to communicate, network, learn and exchange experiences.