CAE's Keith Butler, Managing Director of CAE Parc Aviation, and Frederic Morais, Head of Flight Services, discuss how the industry can rethink crew resourcing and management in a post-COVID world. 

Crew-related expenses typically represent one-third of an airline's operating cost. The COVID pandemic has shown the need for airlines to have flexible resourcing models, innovative tools, and differentiated cost structures to respond to dynamic market conditions. The right crew needs to be recruited, managed, and retained. We are currently working with our customer, SAS Ireland, to provide a fully outsourced crew management solution. We hire, train, and manage the pilots and cabin crew on a day-to-day basis. This model has delivered multiple benefits, most importantly, it has allowed the operator to focus on their core business as particularly needed during the crisis we have experienced in the last 18 months. 

At CAE, we are working with several airlines across different market segments to redesign our approach to crew and flight operations management. CAE has recently welcomed two digital crew management solutions onboard: Merlot Aero and RB Group. With the technology we have at hand within our crew management system software, we can use the power of cloud computing to make crew and flight operations calculations faster and cheaper, leading to more accurate, more timely predictions than can save operators up to 10% of crew costs. Equally critical to an optimized operation is crew engagement. With the RosterBuster app and RB Logbook, crew can better manage their roster, career statistics, certificates, and qualifications, all while having enhanced capability for peer-to-peer communication.  

Watch the full video to discover how airlines leverage outsourced staffing to augment or transform their crew operations, utilize powerful Cloud-based software to identify crew cost savings of up to 10%, quickly update strategic plans to respond to changing environments, and better engage crew in win-win relationships. 

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