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CAE Rise™ Training System

CAE Rise™ is a data-driven training system that leverages analytics to make pilot training more effective and provide the safest operational environments
Our vision

CAE’s vision with the Rise™ training system is to be the foundation to a training management ecosystem, and an Integrated Safety Management System

Elements of the CAE Rise™ training system
CAE Rise™ app
CAE Rise™  eGrading app
What is it?

The CAE Rise™ eGrading app is an electronic tool that instructors use to access the digital training library as well as deliver and grade training.

Key benefits

Ensures clients are receiving a standard training delivery


Provides the foundation for collecting data, thus allowing analytic services to derive insight to enhance training performance


Pushes training data directly to your Qualification Management System

CAE Rise™ app
Metrics-based insights
What is it?

CAE Rise™ automatically detects and assesses predefined training events. Pilot performance insights are then made available to instructors in real-time to support assessments.

Key benefits

Reduces instructor workload to allow increased focus on monitoring non-technical skills


Provides objective measure to standardize instructor evaluations


Empowers instructors to become adaptive teachers


Highlights a pilot’s specific area of development and allows the support of an individualised and efficient training experience

CAE Rise™ app
Data analytics services
What is it?

CAE Rise™ Analytics provide training intelligence that enables effective data-driven decision making to elevate training standards and effectively mitigate training deficiencies. Based on assessment of indicators and metrics, the insights allow to determine tailored training program needs.

Key benefits

Training program analysis that helps discover useful information, suggest conclusions and support enhanced decision making


Helps in the creation of training programs adapted to individual and demographic needs


Provides in-depth analysis of instructor evaluations


Assists in predicting trends in trainee performance to govern success in course completion

What CAE Rise™ can do for you

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