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Safeguarding your critical assets, data and information

As the United States and its allies prepare for a near-peer adversary in a complex and contested security environment, everyone understands that national security forces must be prepared for multi-domain operations – air, land, maritime and space.  Importantly, all these traditional domains are “wrapped in cyber” because Cyber is the global domain within the information environment, including the Internet, information technology infrastructures and massive interconnected data networks. 

As a provider of various training devices that connect to networks, cybersecurity has been a focus for CAE for a number of years.  For example, flight simulators are possible targets of such cyberattacks since they represent advanced technology containing detailed information on aircraft, engines, avionics and other military systems.  We have developed a range of solutions designed to protect our training devices from cyberattacks. 

However, training and preparing in a multi-domain operational environment will require even more emphasis on cyber.  CAE’s digital ecosystem and synthetic environments are designed to support planning, analysis and training for the multi-domain environment, and that includes the cyber domain.