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Transforming Air Force Training

CAE USA, following the acquisition of the former L3 Link Simulation and Training business, now leads the team that will help transform the U.S. Air Force’s flight simulators and enable more distributed, networked, and cybersecure mission training. CAE USA is the prime contractor on the Air Force’s Simulators Common Architecture Requirements and Standards (SCARS) program, which will integrate and standardize the service’s aircraft training simulators.

Under the SCARS program, CAE USA will lead an industry team to help the U.S. Air Force (USAF) develop a common architecture to integrate and standardize USAF aircraft training simulators used to develop highly skilled aircrew and operators.

CAE USA is developing a set of common standards for simulator design and operation that includes stricter cybersecurity criteria to enable the USAF to link simulators together, perform remote software updates, and enrich the training environment.

Approximately 2,400 simulators across 300 locations will be updated with the new common architecture. The initial task order covers nine sites and integrates new standards into the A-10 and KC-135 platforms.

SCARS program highlights

  • Focuses on commonality and interoperability for all Department of Defense training efforts
  • Creates a unique approach to synthetic training environments, providing crews with a more realistic training environment
  • Integrates into broader training systems to facilitate moving to multi-domain operations