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CAE GmbH was founded in Stolberg, Germany in 1961 after CAE began developing F-104 Starfighter flight simulators for the Luftwaffe and other NATO countries. Today, CAE GmbH is considered a leading supplier of integrated training solutions and simulation technology for flight and land applications, and in the provision of training support services for European defence forces. CAE GmbH has a long history of supporting the German Armed Forces and currently provides maintenance and support services for most of the German Armed Forces flight simulators.

Programs examples led by CAE GmbH

  • CAE designed and manufactured the 12 helicopter simulators at the International Helicopter Training Center of the German Army Aviation School in Bueckeburg, and currently provides maintenance and training support services;
  • CAE designed and manufactured all the Tornado combat aircraft flight simulators for the German Air Force and continues to provide upgrades and support services;
  • CAE is one of the consortium partners in Helicopter Flight Training Services (HFTS) that operates a total of three NH90 simulator training centres in Germany for the German Armed Forces' largest private-finance initiative (PFI) program for military aircrew training;
  • For more than 15 years, the German Armed Forces as well as other European armies have been successfully using the CAE GESI constructive simulation system for command and staff training exercises;
  • Since 1982, the CAE-built E-3A flight deck simulator has been managed by CAE GmbH and has logged more than 110,000 flight hours serving NATO countries.

Contact Information

CAE Elektronik GmbH

Steinfurt 11
D-52222 Stolberg
(Rheinland), Deutschland
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