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CAE owns and operates a comprehensive training center in Tampa, Florida for operators of the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules aircraft (also called the C-130/L-382 as a commercial variant). CAE's C-130 Tampa Training Center offers bilingual (English/Spanish) aircrew and maintenance courses in 16 multimedia classrooms, which includes two purpose-built maintenance training classrooms.

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Maintenance Crew

Training Environment

Academic / Classroom Training

Simulator / Training Devices

Available Training Programs
  • Aircraft systems;
  • Flight regulations;
  • Instrument flying;
  • Navigation;
  • Flight planning;
  • Upset prevention;
  • Weather, and more.
Available Training Courses / Courseware
  • C-130/L-382 pilot initial/transition;
  • C-130/L-382 flight engineer initial/transition;
  • C-130/L-382 aircrew refresher;
  • C-130/L-382 crew resource management (CRM); 
  • C-130/L-382 loadmaster recurrency/refresher;
  • C-130/L-382 aircraft general;
  • C-130/L-382 airframes and structures;
  • C-130/L-382 electrical;
  • C-130/L-382 engine run;
  • C-130/L-382 environmental;
  • C-130/L-382 fuel system;
  • C-130/L382 GTC, ATM, and APU;
  • C-130/L-382 avionics and guidance;
  • C-130/L-382 Wiring Repair;
  • C-130/L-382 power plants and related systems;
  • B1 C-130 Systems;
  • B2 C-130 Avionics;
  • T-56 Engine Borescope.
Platforms / Manufacturers
  • C-130/Lockheed Martin
  • T-56/Allison Engine Company
Available Equipment / Products
  • 3 C-130H Full-Mission Simulators
  • C-130H Flight Training Device
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CAE - C-130 Global Simulation and Training Leader

CAE - C-130 Global Simulation and Training Leader

CAE C-130 Tampa Training Center



C-130 Tampa Training Center
5010 Air Cargo Rd,
Tampa FL 33614