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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and CAE established a joint venture company in India called the Helicopter Academy to Train by Simulation of Flying (HATSOFF). In 2010, HATSOFF began operations at a new helicopter training centre in Bengaluru, India. The HATSOFF training centre includes a CAE-built full-mission helicopter simulator that features CAE's revolutionary roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) cockpit design, which enables cockpits representing various helicopter types to be used in the simulator. The first training program offered at HATSOFF was for operators of the Bell 412 helicopter. This was followed in early 2011 by the civil/conventional variant of the HAL-built Dhruv helicopter.  In 2012, training was added for the Airbus Helicopters Dauphin. The Bell 412, the Airbus Helicopters Dauphin and civil/conventional variant of the Dhruv have all been certified to Level D, the highest qualification for flight simulators, by India's Directorate General Civil Aviation (DGCA).

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Academic / Classroom Training

Simulator / Training Devices

Available Training Programs

Training programs can be customized for numerous civil and military missions such as search and rescue, medical airlift, disaster response, homeland security, offshore operations, geological survey, VIP transport, law enforcement, high-altitude operations, and various military tactical scenarios.

Available Training Courses / Courseware

Flying training on FMS and FTD:

  • Extension of Type Rating;
  • Recurrent Training;
  • Critical Emergencies;
  • Instrument Flying Practice;
  • Proficiency and Route Checks;
  • Extension of Instrument Rating;
  • Offshore, Hill Operations Training;
  • HEMS & External Load Operations Training.

Training on DHRUV Military Variant:

  • Nap-of-earth (NOE) Flying Training;
  • Helmet Pointing System (HPS), Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electro Optical (EO) pod training;
  • Simulated Weapon Firing (Turret Gun, Rockets, Air to Air Missiles, ATGM);
  • Tactical Training Using Computer Generated Forces (CGF).

Ground Training:

  • Theoretical knowledge and examination for type rating courses;
  • Recurrent Training;
  • Special VFR Courses;
  • Ground Refresher Courses;
  • Crew Resource Management;
  • Dangerous Goods Course (orientation).
Platforms / Manufacturers
  • Bell 412/ 212 Bell Helicopter
  • Dauphin N/Airbus Helicopter
  • Dauphin N1/Airbus Helicopter
  • Dauphin N2/Airbus Helicopter
  • Dauphin N3/Airbus Helicopter
  • HAL Dhruv (Civil / conventional cockpit variant) (DGCA approved)
Available Equipment / Products
  • Level D full-mission simulator (FMS);
  • Level 2/3 flight training device (FTD);
  • Roll-on/roll-off (RO/RO) full-mission simulator (FMS);
  • Multimedia classrooms;
  • Brief/debrief rooms and capabilities;
  • Training management information system.
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