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Since October 2015, CAE has been the prime contractor responsible for the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program that produces qualified military pilots for defence customers. The NFTC program significantly enhances CAE's core capabilities as a global training systems integrator (TSI), and expands its offering into support for live flying training of future military pilots, including next-generation fighter pilots, for the Royal Canadian Air Force and its allies.  

The NFTC program located at 15 Wing Moose Jaw and 4 Wing Cold Lake is owned by the government of Canada and operated in cooperation with CAE. The program combines basic, advanced, and lead-in fighter training as part of the comprehensive pilot training program.   CAE operates the NFTC base facilities, delivers the ground-school classroom, computer-based and simulator training, and provides support services for the live flying training that comprises this world-class, turnkey training program.

CAE has an experienced and dedicated workforce that delivers training services and in-service support as part of the NFTC program.  CAE's expertise and competencies include:

  • Courseware development
  • Ground-based academic training
  • Site management
  • Simulator training
  • Live flying training
  • Flight operations support
  • Program management

The NFTC program has been in operation since 2000 and includes more than 200 CAE employees supporting the program, which utilizes more than 700,000 square kilometres of air space at 15 Wing Moose Jaw and 4 Wing Cold Lake.  In addition to classroom, computer-based, and simulator training, the NFTC program delivers live flying training on a fleet of Beechcraft T-6 (CT-156 Harvard) trainer aircraft and BAE Systems Hawk (CT-155 Hawk) lead-in fighter trainer aircraft. CAE is also responsible for full maintenance and operation of the aircraft under the governance of Canada's Department of National Defence airworthiness program. 

In addition to the Royal Canadian Air Force, other NATO partners and allies have sent students and instructor pilots through the NFTC program, including Denmark, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy and Hungary.

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Academic / Classroom Training

Live Flying Training


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Basic flying training program

Advanced flying training program

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Available Training Courses / Courseware

Academic/Classroom Training

Theory and concepts of flying the Beechcraft T-6 (CT-156 Harvard) trainer aircraft and BAE Systems Hawk (CT-155 Hawk) lead-in fighter trainer aircraft.

Meteorology, theory of flight, instrument flight procedures, visual flight procedures, aerodynamics, air regulations, and egress training.

Simulator Training

Students will learn skills to perform clear hood flying, instrument flying, low level navigation as well as several simulator sessions where students are presented with numerous emergency scenarios that are not normally practiced during live flying operations.

After having successfully completed all requisite testing in ground school, student pilots complete over 30 hours of training in a simulator, alternating with live flying training in the aircraft, over the course of Phase II.

Live Flying Training

Live flying training is performed under the supervision of highly-qualified Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and NATO qualified flying instructors (QFIs). The students must complete nearly 170 training hours in the live aircraft and must achieve successful test results to obtain their military wings during phases II and III.

Military flying training in both the Harvard and the Hawk include:

  • Clear hood and instrument flying;
  • Low level navigation;
  • Formation flying.

Lastly, students complete Basic Fighting Manoeuvering (BFM) for Phase IV training.

Platforms / Manufacturers
  • Beechcraft T-6 (CT-156 Harvard) trainer aircraft
  • BAE Systems Hawk (CT-155 Hawk) lead-in fighter trainer aircraft
Available Equipment / Products
  • Beechcraft T-6 (CT-156 Harvard) trainer aircraft
  • BAE Systems Hawk (CT-155 Hawk) lead-in fighter trainer aircraft
  • Basic to high-fidelity simulators
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