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The United Arab Emirates Naval Doctrine and Combat Training Centre (NDCTC) will be owned and operated by the UAE Navy. CAE is leading the design and development of the comprehensive training centre, and upon completion will support the UAE Navy with training centre operations. The UAE NDCTC will be located in Taweelah with future plans to be networked throughout distributed sites in the UAE, including naval vessels at sea and shore. The purpose-built NDCTC facility will feature a range of integrated ship simulation-based training suites, as well as maritime aircraft sensor stations and will enable individual, team, whole-ship and collective/joint mission training.

Our Customers

Naval - Whole Ship

Rear Crew

Training Environment


Academic / Classroom Training

Simulator / Training Devices

Available Training Programs
  • Naval personnel training program
  • Sensor operator training program
Available Training Courses / Courseware
  • Mission rehearsal;
  • Joint exercises;
  • Coalition exercises;
  • Naval tactics and doctrine;
  • Maritime aircraft sensor operations.
Platforms / Manufacturers

All class of ships.

Available Equipment / Products
  • Bridge simulators;
  • Machinery control room (MCR) simulators;
  • Major combatant whole ship simulator suite;
  • Minor combatant whole ship simulator suite;
  • Part task trainers such as sensor stations;
  • Brief and debrief systems and room;
  • Tactical floor support;
  • Integrated learning environment;
  • Instructor Operator Stations;
  • Courseware;
  • Program management;
  • Facility management;
  • In-service support.
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