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CAE, following the acquisition of the former Doss Aviation business, is now operating and delivering the U.S. Air Force Initial Flight Training (IFT) program.  The IFT program provides introductory flight training for all U.S. Air Force aviation candidates.  Known as the “Gateway to Air Force Aviation”, our state-of-the-art training facility in Pueblo, Colorado, supports Headquarters Air Education and Training Command (HQ AETC) with initial flight training for every U.S. Air Force aviation candidate. This means that all future U.S. Air Force pilots and remotely piloted aircraft operators start their aviation careers and receive flight instruction as part of the IFT program now managed by CAE Pueblo Training Center.

Our Customers

The clients we are currently supporting at our Initial Flight Training facility in Pueblo, Colorado include:

  • United States Air Force
  • Foreign military sale international students
Target Audience

Student pilots

Available Training Programs
  • Pilot Track
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Track
Available Training Courses / Courseware

Pilot Track

The Initial Flight Training (IFT) pilot track prepares candidates for Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) through immersion in a military flying training environment. The IFT program mirrors the Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training environment by including a military-style flight evaluation.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Track

The Initial Flight Training (IFT) Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) track prepares candidates for RPA follow-on training by teaching basic instrument flying, cross-country sorties, solo cross-country sorties, and a night sortie. Training culminates with a comprehensive military-style flight evaluation.

Training Type
  • Initial Flight Training
  • Maintenance Test Pilot
International pilot students

The Initial Flight Training (IFT) program provides comprehensive pilot training in a military-like environment to prepare international student pilots for careers as military aviators. International student pilot candidates will train as part of the IFT program following a foreign military sale contract with the U.S. Air Force.  We will then work with international customers to tailor our training program to meet their country’s flight rules and requirements, using as the foundation our proven U.S. Air Force Initial Flight Training program. 

The IFT program in Pueblo, Colorado, is a highly-structured training environment modeled after U.S. Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training and supported by our elite cadre of former military and civilian flight instructors. Our training facility in Pueblo sits on a 48-acre campus and we operate a fleet of Diamond Aircraft DA-20s. This unique contractor-owned/contractor-operated training center prepares student pilots to enter the next phase of their formal military flight training. We provide dedicated on-site support to international students at our International Military Student Office. 

For customers who require comprehensive, immersive flight training operations in your country, CAE has proven expertise in establishing comprehensive military pilot flight schools. Our training centers and flight schools feature expert academic and flight instructors using proven curriculums to train students to fly safely and progress through all phases of military pilot training.

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USAF Initial Flight Training - The Gateway to Air Force Aviation

USAF Initial Flight Training - The Gateway to Air Force Aviation

USAF Initial Flight Training (IFT) - Certified Flight Instructors