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CAE has the expertise to develop, integrate, maintain and operate complex systems in support of our customers, with a focus on providing improved operational efficiency of mission critical systems.  CAE is a world leader in lifecycle management, in-service equipment monitoring and maintenance optimization. We can ensure there is a plan in place for when parts, systems, software, or spares become obsolete so they can be replaced with the latest release.  

Our tools and experienced teams are highly efficient at identifying, validating, and analyzing the impacts of performance metric variations on systems operations, logistics networks, and resources to avoid unforeseen breakdowns causing systems interruptions or malfunctions. We use trigger-based maintenance trend monitoring, key performance indicators (KPI's), sparing analysis and preventive maintenance analysis and optimization.

As an experienced training systems integrator, CAE is uniquely positioned to upgrade customers’ existing systems with the latest technologies to increase longevity, optimization, reliability, and performance efficiency.