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CAE's action speed tactical trainer (ASTT) is a comprehensive simulation-based system designed to conduct immersive, realistic naval operations training. The ASTT includes a network of computers used as player workstations, and game control stations. The player workstations can be configured to simulate ships, submarines, aircraft, or shore-based sites. The game controller defines a scenario that consists of the gaming area, atmospheric conditions, ocean conditions, composition of friendly and enemy forces, inventory of sensor systems, initial positions, mission objectives, and constraints.

The primary purpose of the ASTT system is for the command teams of ships, submarines, and aircraft to communicate effectively in a realistic training scenario and rehearse the application of tactical doctrine in situations encountered at sea. The system caters to three levels of exercise control. The force controller can monitor their own forces while the instructor controller typically directs staff. The highest level of control is where the exercise manager has complete control privileges and can see the entire scenario unfold.

CAE's ASTT is currently being used by the Indian Navy to train naval crews. The solution provides the Indian Navy with a flexible, multi-threat operationally realistic simulated environment in the fields of tactical Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti Air Warfare (including Anti-Missile Defense), Mine Warfare, Amphibious Warfare, Communication, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Data Communication training.

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