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CAE’s patented Adaptive Learning Environment (ALE) improves training efficiencies through systematic and objective rule-based measures of performance and effectiveness across any flight-training curriculum. ALE performance monitoring and assessment technology provides instructors and students with real-time feedback, allowing for immediate coaching through a mix of instructor and automated teaching. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and powerful visualizations, ALE serves as a force multiplier for instructors who can follow multiple trainees simultaneously, intervene when necessary and focus on teaching. With the ALE biometric suite, instructors can also gauge students’ stress, engagement and cognitive workload levels allowing instructors to modulate complexity based on biometric indicators.

In the self-paced mode, ALE supports automated debriefs and interactive grade sheets empowering students to take training into their own hands. Additionally, ALE can be a motivational tool via its gamified user interface that when enabled, presents student profiles, training achievements, learning curves and team averages.