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The CAE 3000MR (Mission Reality) Series helicopter simulator was designed to meet the requirements for simulating military helicopters.

CAE offers a 10-foot dome display capable of a 210 by 75-degree field-of-view and a 12-foot dome display capable of an extreme 220 by 88-degree field-of-view, as well as the ability to utilize roll-on/roll-off cockpits to support mixed fleets. An enhanced simulated tactical environment will deliver the realistic mission training required for military needs.  The CAE 3000MR Series helicopter flight and mission simulator provides an immersive and realistic training experience for helicopter aircrews. The CAE 3000MR Series was developed with extensive input from CAE’s helicopter advisory board with a specific emphasis on providing helicopter-specific mission training. This CAE simulation training system was also designed to meet or exceed current and emerging regulatory requirements for simulation-based helicopter training.

The CAE 3000MR Series offers the following features:

  • Extreme field-of-view visual display;
  • Industry-leading CAE Medallion-6000XR image generator for enhanced realism;
  • High-fidelity vibration and motion cues;
  • NVG/FLIR capabilities;
  • Simulated tactical environment and sensor simulation.

CAE 700MR Series

CAE 700MR Series


CAE Medallion-6000XR Visual System