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CAE continues to lead the way in immersive training, delivering stunningly realistic graphics via extraordinarily true-to life visual images for the ultimate in high-fidelity training via the CAE Prodigy Image Generator. CAE’s newest Image Generator - CAE Prodigy uses gaming engine technology to create gaming-grade graphics ensuring that critical training is as effective as possible.  Complex and interactive synthetic environments supported by cutting-edge content are built using open standards offering flexibility in content, control and interface.

CAE Prodigy IG provides true-to-life scenario immersion to satisfy the most demanding mission training needs.

CAE Prodigy Image Generator supports CAE's line of simulation products:

  • Full-mission simulator                                   
  • Rear Crew Trainer
  • Mission Rehearsal
  • Flight Training Device/Cockpit Panel Trainer
  • High-end and Low-end Out-the-Window
  • Stealth View Display
  • Night Vision Simulation
  • Sensor Simulation

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