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The CAE MAVRC™ Trainer (Mission Augmented Virtual Reality/Rear Crew Trainer) is one of CAE’s latest product innovations that leverages mixed reality technologies to create a digitally immersive and optimal training environment for rear crew. 

The CAE MAVRC Trainer consists of an elevated, fully functional and reconfigurable physical replica of an aircraft fuselage. The detailed interior of the trainer comes complete with stimulated and simulated aircraft panels, including multi-function display and communications. Working port and starboard doors, flat and bubble windows and a fully functioning ramp facilitate the training of a range of scenarios typically required of rear crew, including aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue, surveillance, door gunner and confined area landings. 

The immersive virtual environment provided by the CAE MAVRC Trainer enables extreme mission realism.  The CAE MAVRC Trainer delivers mixed reality via a head mounted display (HMD).  The HMD projects the out-the-aircraft virtual world, while allowing each crewmember to see everything existing inside the aircraft.  Terrain, vehicles, weather and high-fidelity scenarios all help ensure crewmembers are fully immersed in the training tasks. 

The CAE MAVRC Trainer allows for multiple and progressive modes for crew training, including standalone mode for rear crewmember training; integrated mode for coupling rear crew with pilots in a full-mission simulator or flight training device for whole crew training; and distributed mission operations (DMO) training mode where the aircrew is networked with other virtual training devices for complete tactical mission training.

Features of the CAE MAVRC Trainer

Mixed reality, supported by advanced hardware, software and utilities, delivers a sophisticated and immersive tactical training device.

Increases training throughput and quality.
Reduces need for live aircraft and live flight.
Fully functional and reconfigurable replica of an aircraft fuselage.
Provides comprehensive, progressive crew training.
Enables full operational complexity and realism.
Offers ability to practice dangerous maneuvers in safe, controlled environment.
Multi-purpose and flexible, configurable for specific training needs.
  • Hoist
  • Hatch
  • Ramp 
  • Gunnery (deployment, loading, recoil, malfunction, wind loading)
Ability to train rear crew, aircrew and distributed mission operations (DMO) in multiple aircraft missions.
  • Standalone Mode:  Instructor “flies” the aircraft from the fuselage or offboard instructor operator station
  • Coupled mode: Linked with full-mission simulator or flight training device 
  • Distributed Mission Operations (DMO):  Networked with other training devices for comprehensive and immersive mission training and rehearsal
Easy installation and removal of various guns provides training on deployment, loading, recoil, malfunction and wind loading.