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CAE’s MR (Mission Reality) Series is the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of simulation products designed for all phases of fixed-wing and rotary-wing training for military aircrews.  The product suite ranges from CAE Simfinity ground school desktop and procedures trainers to fixed-based flight training devices and full-mission, full-motion simulators, such as the CAE 7000MR Series for fixed-wing platforms and CAE 3000MR Series for rotary-wing platforms.  The product suite also includes the new CAE Medallion MR e-Series visual system designed specifically for military and fast-jet pilot training.

CAE e-Series MR Visual System

CAE continues to lead innovation in immersive training through stunningly realistic graphics provided by the CAE Prodigy Image Generator (IG)....

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CAE 700MR Series

The CAE 700MR Series is CAE’s next-generation flight training device (FTD) that offers an immersive, realistic and cost-effective experience for military helicopter-specific flight and mission training.

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CAE 3000MR Series

The CAE 3000MR (Mission Reality) Series helicopter simulator was designed to meet the requirements for simulating military helicopters.

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