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The rapidity of response and the quality of intervention from first responder paramedics called to the scene of a mass casualty can make the difference between life and death. The prognosis of a patient can be significantly improved when emergency medical decisions and life-saving treatment are administered to patients quickly at the site of the incident. Training and preparation are essential to ensure that first response teams will take the appropriate action in a coordinated effort at the right time. With traditional exercise-based training methods, it is nearly impossible for all paramedics to receive training simultaneously. The CAE Virtual Paramedic is an innovative, award-winning simulation-based training solution that can be integrated with a learning management system to cost-effectively and efficiently help prepare paramedics for complex and critical situations.


Program Example

Ambulance Victoria, Australia, uses the CAE Virtual Paramedic training solution to train all ambulance paramedic personnel so they are ready to respond in a timely and cost-effective manner. The simulation scenarios are developed and validated using data of actual incidents and patients. The CAE Virtual Paramedic allows the trainees to interact with intelligent, virtual characters representing other response agencies and bystanders to make decisions that achieve the desired operational outcome. CAE also implemented a learning management system to record results and provide immediate feedback to trainees on their training objectives and how well they performed. Plans for future development include implementing the roles of transport officers and health commanders, which will enable Ambulance Victoria paramedics to execute all the primary roles in their emergency response plan. 

CAE Virtual Paramedic Incident Response Training