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Advanced modeling and simulation for analysis, experimentation and more. 

With our IDEAtion Center, CAE continues to invest in expanding its modeling and simulation research and development to help ensure optimum safety, efficiency and readiness.

Our IDEAtion Center is a high-fidelity, physics-based modeling capability focused on the total mission rather than a single component. Its innovative Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) simulation environment brings together the multi-domain environment -- air, land, maritime, space and cyber – and applies them collaboratively to exercises. This modeling and simulation technology capability enables users to evaluate mission strategy and tactics and experiment in an almost limitless variety of complex scenarios.

The IDEAtion Center supports development of system-level solutions that addresses the anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) environment, which is increasingly relevant as adversaries develop more sophisticated technological capabilities.

Some of the IDEAtion Center highlights:

  • A highly scalable simulation environment, with the computational capacity to support well over 10,000 entities. 
  • Ability to simulate the movement of mission entities through geophysical space with the effects of real-world dynamics, atmospherics and terrain.
  • Capable of modeling missions consisting of hundreds of possible configurations and platform combinations, generating different Measures of Effectiveness (MoEs)/Measures of Performance (MoPs) for analysis, planning and decision-making.
  • A framework that allows for different fidelity models to interact with each other, providing the capability to scale the complexity and the quantity of the platforms/payloads as needed.

Capable of supporting multiple security classifications, the IDEAtion Center environment is built on commodity hardware and runs on an open-source system that can readily incorporate models and simulation engines of varying fidelities.