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The CAE Single Synthetic Environment (SSE) creates an integrated common operational picture, which will deliver enhanced and improved global situational awareness. It will enable decision support and planning from the strategic to the tactical level, transforming how homeland security and defense forces prepare for and respond to foreseeable and unforeseen threats.  The SSE can also support analysis, planning and decision-making on how vital interests are protected and how man-made and natural crises are addressed.

Building a synthetic replication of an operating environment, whether for homeland defense and security or for alliance level deterrence and intervention across a wider area of responsibility, will enable single service, joint and combined forces to perform better, train more realistically and efficiently, and underpin wider transformation such as the evolution of manned, unmanned and autonomous forces.

Potential courses of actions and probable outcomes can be simulated, tested and evaluated. A comprehensive means for mission rehearsal, all participants can take part in a detailed, realistic run-through, supporting both strategic and operational wargaming and tactical level rehearsals. It will lead to major gains in operational effectiveness and substantial efficiency savings in the cost of training, support and readiness.