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CAE designs, manufactures, and supports a wide range of simulators to meet all direct fire training needs for armoured fighting vehicles (AFV), including main battle tanks (MBT). Our comprehensive solutions provide progressive training for basic gunnery, crew and turret skills with fully interactive collective training at the troop/platoon tactical level in a realistically simulated operational environment. CAE's family of direct fire trainers covers the full range of training device types, from stand-alone desktop gunnery trainers through to fully instrumented tank simulators that can be operated individually or in troop/platoon networks. CAE has delivered a range of main battle tank, armoured infantry fighting vehicle (AIFV), and armoured reconnaissance vehicle precision gunnery trainers. The training systems, which represent platforms such as the Leopard 2A4, M60A3, T72/T90, Warrior, and Arjun, feature high-fidelity sighting systems and fire control systems and the complete physical representation of crew positions integrated into a common virtual environment.

Common IOS and Scoring Module

CAE designed and developed a Common Instructor Operator Station – Precision Gunnery (CIOS-PG) and Scoring Module –Precision Gunnery (SM-PG) for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), and offers this solution as part of its land training systems portfolio. The CIOS-PG is a scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution designed to be used to support direct fire training requirements. Gunnery trainers are connected to the CIOS-PG to provide the instructor with the facilities to run structured courses with automated scoring of the critical elements used to determine overall performance of precision gunnery tasks. CAE’s CIOS-PG provides the courseware and exercise authoring tools with elements to configure the simulator environment and the scoring module.  It includes tools to allow the Instructor to monitor the trainee’s performance in the simulator and view the scoring module output.  The CIOS-PG is also responsible for collating all the required performance data and archiving this in a database. The SM-PG provides a reconfigurable scoring system to objectively and automatically assess the trainee’s performance within the simulator module.  To ensure consistency between the calculated score and the feedback provided to the trainees, this module also includes a computer-generated forces (CGF) damage calculation element. The system allows a single instructor to control up to six trainee gunners simultaneously.