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Virtual Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance Training Application (VISTA) provides real-time dynamic feeds from virtual C4ISR assets that can be controlled in real-time and fed directly to intelligence screeners and C2 terminals. C4ISR professionals can now have dedicated, highly affordable, stand-alone access to train, conduct mission rehearsal, or assess their operational plans on any mission set from initial preparation of the operational environment (IPOE) to real-time interdiction support high value individual (HVI) targeting and strike, and all-domain near-peer targeting.

Cloud-ready, VISTA is compliant with the USAF’s Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) standards and can link multiple US and coalition partners for small- or large-scale mission training and exercises. Its containerized architecture allows it to be installed as part of any centralized or local cloud system to scale support across any JADC2 enterprise.

The high-definition virtual C4ISR data streams generated by VISTA simulate live mission data and includes full motion video (FMV) of both electro-optical (EO) and physics-based infrared (IR) (near and far spectrum IR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR) with moving target indication, and even Signals Intelligence data collected by platforms such as MQ-9, RQ-4, U-2, and RC-135.

Key features of the Virtual Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Training Application (VISTA) include:

  • The ability to create multiple virtual C4ISR platforms with independent targets   and unique sensors
  • High-definition full motion video, SAR, GMTI, Space ISR, and SIGINT/EW
  • Automated or manual control of C4ISR platforms and sensors
  • Physics-based weather, electronic warfare, space, and cyber effects
  • Complex doctrinally-correct, AI-driven entity behavior to create any scenario
  • Virtual Link-16 and other tactical data link pictures
  • Ability to both host and join distributed mission operations (DMO) events
  • Exportable to NATO and other coalition partners
  • Cloud-based, scalable, and frequently upgraded
  • Worldwide, high-resolution database
  • Highly affordable 

CAE VISTA – Virtual ISR Training Application