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Our commitment

CAE is committed to taking proactive steps towards achieving carbon neutrality and mitigating climate change by providing solutions that support our stakeholders' environmental strategies.

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How are we reducing our carbon footprint?

At the heart of its strategy, CAE is helping to avoid the emission of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 each year by training pilots on simulators.

In 2020, CAE became carbon neutral by reducing its emissions and investing in projects that offset its residual annual carbon emissions.

CAE will also continue to take other measures to reduce its overall emissions, such as reducing its electricity consumption at its sites around the world and fuel used for live training flights at its academies.

Our current investments in carbon neutrality

We offset our carbon emissions by investing in both:

  • Renewable energy certificates (RECs) in the countries where we operate to offset our use of electricity
  • Greenhouse gas reduction projects (carbon offsets), including wind energy projects in India and forest conservation in Canada

Environmental leadership

"This is a remarkable achievement, and we hope that CAE's commitment to fighting climate change will inspire other companies to take concrete action today. We wanted to honour our pre-pandemic commitment and increase our contribution now, demonstrating CAE's environmental leadership and commitment to future generations. We are also working with the industry to develop electric aircraft and are taking other steps to reduce our overall emissions."


- Marc Parent, CAE's President and CEO

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