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Training for Safer and more Effective Vessel Teams

What is Maritime Crew Resource Management Training?

An activate process and tool kit employed by the crew members of a vessel to identify existing and potential threats; and to develop, communicate, and implement plans to achieve safe and efficient operations.

Industry leader

CAE has a long history of human element innovation in the maritime and aviation sectors. We originated in the early 1990’s the world’s first Bridge Resource Management learning programme (then known as SAS Flight Academy); designed to motivate bridge teams to much higher consistent standards of communication, teamworking, situational awareness and leadership.

Since then, CAE has remained at the forefront of developing and delivering best in class maritime non-technical skills training for the entire vessel team (Bridge, Engine Room and Shore Staff) under the brand name of Maritime Crew Resource Management. The MCRM programme surpasses STCW training requirements for BRM/ERM and enables participants to identify and use all available resources in everyday situations as well as those occasions that require deep collaborative problem-solving in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Human Factors and Crew Resource Management

Human factors have been identified as the key area in which significant gains in safety is possible. This topic has been made a high priority with operators, regulators and researchers. Crew Resource Management is advocated as the primary means of reducing human factors incidents and accidents.

Management Errors

Some of the key errors that the MCRM programme has been designed to manage include:

  • Preoccupation with minor (technical) problems
  • Failure to delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Failure to set priorities
  • Inadequate monitoring
  • Failure to utilize available data
  • Failure to communicate intent and plans
  • Failure to detect and challenge deviations from SOPs, rules, etc.
Development of a Training Framework

We developed our training framework over the course of three years and we are regularly updating it to reflect the latest in CRM training science, materials and teaching methodology.

MCRM is centered around three main concepts:

  • Attitudes drive behaviour
  • To develop good behaviour and eliminate poor behaviour
  • That behavioural change must come from within a person and can’t be forced

As a result training concentrates on the examination of positive and negative attitudes, the presentation of desired behavior as (human factor) tools, and case studies to reinforce attitude change and positive behaviour.

 Desired behaviour characteristics include:

  • Good situational awareness – anticipating next condition
  • Cognitive resources free – securing time to think
  • Relevant information early gathering – during time of low workload
  • Building a shared mental model – a common understanding
  • Conservative strategies employed – keeping options open
  • Decisions sensitive to constraints – no wishful thinking
  • Explicit task allocation – clear action commands and delegation monitoring progress

The principle teaching elements include:

  • Interactive courseware for delivery of a standardized learning model also demonstrating model behavior and tools.
  • Group discussion to drive attitude change.  This includes both small group unguided discussion and group facilitated discussion.
  • Case Studies and Video to reinforce attitude and behavioral change and allow measured structured analysis of error.
  • Bridge and engine room simulation to practice and receive feedback on  the key non-technical skills. All simulation exercises are specifically designed to optimize the use of non-technical skills and are tailored to address customer needs.


The science underlying our MCRM learning programme, carefully designed materials and presentational format, have been selected upon the advice of leading researchers and subject matter experts. Our MCRM training programme is intended as a knowledge link between research and practitioner.

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