Anesthesia providers have been unable to improve their education and management of anesthetic emergencies in a virtual online environment, on-demand, from a simple laptop - until now. Today, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), and CAE Healthcare unveiled Anesthesia SimSTAT - Trauma, the first in a series of Anesthesia SimSTAT interactive screen-based simulation modules. Anesthesia SimSTAT - Trauma is specifically designed to offer anesthesia providers an advanced training involving accident victims.

"Anesthesia SimSTAT is a first-of-its-kind virtual O.R., that allows the learner to immerse themselves in an evolving and intuitive, virtual, clinical environment, and brings the simulation center directly to the learner," said Adam I. Levine, M.D., editor in chief, ASA Interactive Computer-Based Education Editorial Board. "Anesthesiology has been at the forefront of simulation technology for the past 20 years. With Anesthesia SimSTAT, ASA and CAE Healthcare, a simulation technology leader, continue to push the envelope in a time when the medical community has increased interest in simulation and virtual reality technologies, and demands innovation in these areas."

With Anesthesia SimSTAT - Trauma, learners can navigate in a three-dimensional, fully functioning O.R. and participate in a series of high-fidelity simulation scenarios with a hyper-realistic trauma patient who responds to their use of accompanying monitors, ventilators, anesthesia machines and other interactive medical equipment. SimSTAT monitors and records the learner's performance over the course of the scenarios and offers feedback at the critical junctures or after completion of a session. And by using the platform, physician anesthesiologists can fulfill their continuing medical education (CME) and MOCA 2.0® Part II and IV requirements from their laptop anytime, anywhere.

"The education this module offers is top-notch," said Beverly Philip, M.D., ASA vice president for scientific affairs. "Learners practice managing an accident victim with multiple traumatic injuries and have the opportunity to demonstrate their current knowledge. The high-fidelity experience enables users to develop necessary skills that can translate to a real-world intraoperative trauma situation. This technology is a real game-changer."

Additional Anesthesia SimSTAT modules will be released in the coming months, each representing state-of-the-art science in highly accessible and interactive learning environments.

"By immersing physicians in a virtual, lifelike environment to manage a complex emergency scenario, this innovative learning platform is redefining continuing medical education by providing the most realistic experience with the most objective assessment in the most accessible format," said Dr. Robert Amyot, president of CAE Healthcare."We look forward to expanding our collaboration with the American Society of Anesthesiologists to develop more simulation-based training solutions that will help improve quality, safety and preparedness in health care."

To learn more or to view a short video demo of the SimSTAT - Trauma module, visit

Editor's Note:  Journalists interested in receiving photos or participating in an online demonstration of the SimSTAT - Trauma module can contact ASA Public Relations at [email protected].

About The American Society of Anesthesiologists

Founded in 1905, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) is an educational, research and scientific society with more than 52,000 members organized to raise and maintain the standards of the medical practice of anesthesiology. ASA is committed to ensuring physician anesthesiologists evaluate and supervise the medical care of patients before, during and after surgery to provide the highest quality and safest care every patient deserves.

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About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare offers cutting-edge learning tools to healthcare students and professionals, allowing them to develop practical experience through risk-free simulation training before treating real patients. CAE Healthcare's full spectrum of simulation solutions includes surgical and imaging simulation, curriculum, the LearningSpace audiovisual and center management platform and highly realistic adult, pediatric and baby patient simulators. Today, approximately 12,500 CAE Healthcare simulators and audiovisual solutions are in use worldwide by medical schools, nursing schools, hospitals, defense forces and other entities.

About CAE

CAE (NYSE: CAE; TSX: CAE) is a global leader in the delivery of training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare markets. We design and integrate the industry's most comprehensive training solutions, anchored by the knowledge and expertise of more than 8,500 employees, our world-leading simulation technologies and a track record of service and technology innovation spanning seven decades. Our global presence is the broadest in the industry, with 160 sites and training locations in 35 countries, including our joint venture operations, and the world's largest installed base of flight simulators. Each year, we train more than 120,000 civil and defense crewmembers, as well as thousands of healthcare professionals.

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