CAE instructors to train Asiana Airlines pilots for the next 3 years

CAE and Asiana Airlines

Captain Kim Seung Young, Executive Vice President, Asiana Airlines; Alexandre Prévost, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, CAE; Asiana Airlines and CAE team members.

Captain Kim Seung Young, Executive Vice President, Asiana Airlines; Alexandre Prévost, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, CAE.

CAE announced today the signature of an exclusive pilot training agreement with Asiana Airlines to support the airline’s growing training needs in the region. Under the terms of the agreement, CAE instructors will be training Asiana’s pilots at the airline’s training centre in Korea and at CAE Korea for all of its aircraft fleet, including Airbus A320, A330, A350, A380, Boeing 747, 767 and 777. CAE instructors will train pilots following the airline’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), supporting Asiana’s Evidence-Based Training (EBT) programs.

“Asiana Airlines is excited to have selected CAE as its training partner of choice,” said Captain Kim, EVP of Asiana Airlines. “We are convinced that the combined experience and professionalism of both CAE and Asiana Airlines will provide pilots with the highest training standards and a superior training experience that will have a positive impact on aviation safety in the industry.”

“We are extremely proud to further support our long-time partner Asiana Airlines with the training of its pilots”, said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions. “Delivering world-class training, leveraging the dedication and passion of our experienced instructors is of utmost importance to us. This agreement is a testament to the trust that Asiana Airlines places in CAE and its instructors. We look forward to train Asiana Airlines’ pilots long into the future.”

Asiana Airlines and CAE share a long-standing relationship of more than 20 years, with the provision of training equipment services and aviation recruitment services. In addition to operating Airbus A320, A350, Boeing 747, 767 and 777 CAE-built full-flight simulators, the airline’s pilots have been training at CAE Korea on Airbus A320 and A330 simulators since 2013. 

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