Participation and commitment of CAE employees and Unifor Local 522 were key in raising more than one million dollars for Centraide/United Way

CAE announces today that it has raised more than one million dollars ($1,015,015) in its 2019 CAE-Centraide (United Way) fundraising campaign. This record amount was collected through employee donations and a corporate donation.

"CAE is an important employer in the Greater Montreal area and I am very proud that we have collected more than 1 million dollars to strengthen the community in which more than 3,500 of our employees live and work," said Marc Parent, President and CEO of CAE. "This achievement is a testament to the exceptional commitment and generosity of CAE employees, who have always supported Centraide in the fight against poverty and isolation over the years. It demonstrates that strong companies and strong communities go hand in hand."

CAE and Unifor Local 522 have led campaigns for Centraide for many years and have been commended by 10 Centraide Solidaires Awards, which recognize the excellence and outstanding results of their campaigns. Since 2000, CAE and its employees have donated $12.6 million to Centraide of Greater Montreal. 

In addition to Centraide, CAE supports the communities in which it operates through several donations and sponsorships that mainly support causes in education, civil aviation, defence, security and healthcare. The company also encourages volunteering efforts through its CAEvolunteering program, which promotes team volunteering and donates to several causes supported by employees. CAE is also a diversity and inclusion advocate and has created a CAE Women in Flight sponsorship program to encourage more women to pursue a career in aviation.

You can learn more about CAE’s societal goals and achievements in its FY19 Annual Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

About CAE

CAE is a global leader in training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare markets. Backed by a record of more than 70 years of industry firsts, we continue to help define global training standards with our innovative virtual-to-live training solutions to make flying safer, maintain defense force readiness and enhance patient safety. We have the broadest global presence in the industry, with over 10,000 employees, 160 sites and training locations in over 35 countries. Each year, we train more than 220,000 civil and defense crewmembers, including more than 135,000 pilots, and thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide. 

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