• CAE announces scholarship recipients of AirAsia’s cadet pilot program and American Airlines’ Cadet Academy.
  • Discover the winners of the 2019 CAE Women in Flight Scholarship by clicking here.

CAE unveiled today the winners of AirAsia’s cadet pilot program and the American Airlines’ Cadet Academy for its 2019 CAE Women in Flight scholarship program. The two recipients now join the ranks of CAE’s Women in Flight ambassadors, marking the successful launch of a unique annual program tailored to create role models for the next generation of professional pilots.

“We are proud to complete the first edition of the CAE Women in Flight scholarship program with our five airline partners. These brand ambassadors will help drive awareness, promote the pilot profession among women, and encourage diversity in aviation. We want to help young women identify themselves as future pilots by proactively promoting a better gender balance, and  encouraging the industry to engage on gender diversity in aviation and share ideas for making scalable changes,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions. “We congratulate the winners and look forward to accompanying our new ambassadors as professional pilots with our airline partners.”

CAE is proud to welcome its two new CAE Women in Flight ambassadors:

  • Cindy Yoke Cheng Wong, winner of the AirAsia cadet pilot program
  • Alicia Hunt, winner of the American Airlines Cadet Academy

“Becoming a pilot can be challenging. As a CAE Women in Flight ambassador, I can be a role model for women who want to become pilots and show them what to expect,” said Cindy, aged 24, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“Nothing in the world will build your confidence like flying. The sky isn’t the limit,” said Alicia, aged 32, from California, United States.

About CAE Women in Flight

CAE’s Women in Flight scholarship program is an annual competitive program for female ambassadors who demonstrate leadership skills, perseverance and who are passionate about aviation. The CAE Women in Flight scholarship recipients will receive a full tuition scholarship that will cover the entire cost of training at CAE, including accommodation and travel. The CAE Women in Flight scholarship program was presented at the 2018 Farnborough Airshow. CAE partnered with five global airlines for this first edition. CAE unveiled Aeromexico, CityJet, easyJet, American Airlines and AirAsia as airline partners for the 2019 edition and announced the first three winners during the 2019 Paris Airshow. More details about the first edition of the program are available here. The CAE Women in Flight ambassadors will begin sharing their journey on social media in the coming weeks. Follow @CAEpilot on Instagram for the latest updates.

About CAE

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