Advanced simulator manikin represents a newborn in the first 28 days of life

Newly designed infant platform for basic assessment to critical care

Meets international Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) training requirements

In advance of the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2019 conference, CAE Healthcare announces the release of CAE Luna, an innovative infant simulator designed to fulfill clinical training requirements for neonatal and infant care and to simulate critical newborn conditions that require an interprofessional team response.

“CAE Luna will give healthcare providers confidence in caring for our most vulnerable patients, newborns in the first 28 days of life,” said Dr. Robert Amyot, president of CAE Healthcare. “The size, physiology, responses and treatment options for neonates are unique and require a specialized patient simulator to ensure the best preparation for safe and effective care.”

Operated by the CAE Maestro software, CAE Luna offers physiological modeling that responds as a newborn would to clinical interventions. A wireless and tetherless infant simulator, CAE Luna can be operated in hospitals or educational settings with a laptop, and without power cords or cables. The IV ports, peripheral arterial catheter site and umbilical cord allow caregivers to safely practice administering medications and fluids to a newborn patient. CAE Luna’s advanced airway and tracheostomy site allows repeat practice of delicate airway procedures without risk.

CAE Luna can be configured for essential infant nursing skills or for more advanced international Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) training requirements. The neonatal simulator will include Simulated Clinical Experiences (SCEs) for easy integration of simulation-based curriculum into clinical education for infant care.

CAE Luna is available for presale, and can be previewed at the IMSH conference and at the Human Patient Simulation Network (HPSN) World conference in Orlando in February. Learn more about CAE Luna at

About CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare offers cutting-edge learning tools to healthcare students and professionals, allowing them to develop practical experience through risk-free simulation training before treating real patients. CAE Healthcare's full spectrum of simulation solutions includes surgical and imaging simulation, curriculum, the CAE LearningSpace audiovisual and center management platform and highly realistic adult, pediatric and baby patient simulators. Today, approximately 13,500 CAE Healthcare simulators and audiovisual solutions are in use worldwide by medical schools, nursing schools, hospitals, defense forces and other entities.

About CAE

CAE is a global leader in training for the civil aviation, defense and security, and healthcare markets. Backed by a record of more than 70 years of industry firsts, we continue to help define global training standards with our innovative virtual-to-live training solutions to make flying safer, maintain defense force readiness and enhance patient safety. We have the broadest global presence in the industry, with over 9,000 employees, 160 sites and training locations in over 35 countries. Each year, we train more than 220,000 civil and defense crewmembers, including more than 135,000 pilots, and thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide.

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