CAE Healthcare offers new comprehensive simulation center management system based on CAE's aviation training center management solutions

CAE Healthcare today announced that it was awarded five new contracts to supply its new CAE Owl™ simulation center management system. This solution is designed to improve the efficiency of simulation center activities and simplify the logistics behind managing assessment, as well as recording and debriefing training events. Contracts were signed with Université de Montréal, Université Laval, The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences, the University of Ottawa and the Hôpital Sacré-Cœur de Montréal (HSCM). Several of those institutions collaborated in the medical application of the CAE Owl™ simulation center management system.

The systems will be used to record and debrief simulated operating and emergency room training sessions. They will help manage training activities in up to 50 rooms composed of simulation equipment, real hospital equipment and patient-actors.

"We are delighted to offer our first simulation center management solution for the healthcare industry to these preeminent institutions," said Guillaume Hervé, President of CAE Healthcare. "The CAE Owl can be customized to meet the different needs of our customers while reducing costs and improving the efficiency of their operations.  This product is a great example of CAE Healthcare leveraging CAE's technologies and adapting it for healthcare. It also shows that the healthcare community is recognizing the value of bringing best practices from simulation-based aviation training to improve the way healthcare professionals learn."

CAE Owl is based on CAE's renowned civil and military aviation training center management solutions deployed in over 20 locations worldwide and has been validated by recognized healthcare educators. CAE Owl is a fully integrated, modular and scalable solution. Modules offer capabilities to record and playback events, assess activities live or remotely, back up data, archive, report, schedule and manage resources for events. For more information, please visit

About CAE Healthcare 

CAE Healthcare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAE (NYSE: CAE; TSX: CAE). CAE Healthcare is applying CAE's training, modelling and simulation know-how from aviation to bring best practices to the healthcare industry. It is developing cutting-edge learning tools and innovative simulation solutions for healthcare education with the objective of offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn using multiple simulation platforms before testing their skills on patients. The ultimate goal is to improve clinical competence and expertise and enhance the quality and safety of patient care and the efficiency of healthcare systems.


CAE is a world leader in providing modelling and simulation technologies and integrated training solutions for the civil aviation industry and defence forces around the globe. With annual revenues exceeding C$1.6 billion, CAE employs more than 7,000 people at more than 90 sites and training locations in more than 20 countries. We have the largest installed base of civil and military full-flight simulators and training devices. Through our global network of 29 civil aviation and military training centres, we train more than 75,000 crewmembers yearly. We also offer modelling and simulation software to various market segments and, through CAE's professional services division, we assist customers with a wide range of simulation-based needs.

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