Today at the SimTect/SimHealth show, Australia's annual conference and exhibition focused on simulation, CAE announced that Ambulance Victoria has launched a simulation-based training solution integrated with a learning management system to help prepare for mass casualty incidents. 

The development and delivery of a comprehensive simulation-based solution was led by CAE and incorporates software from E-Semble. The Ambulance Victoria Virtual Paramedic is one of the finalists at the SimTect Serious Games Showcase and Challenge. 

"Mass casualty incidents can happen anywhere at any time, so we need to train all Ambulance Victoria paramedics so that they are ready to respond and make quick, informed decisions," said Ambulance Victoria CEO Greg Sassella. "Providing realistic training in a virtual world is not only more cost-effective, but also makes the training more available and accessible. We are confident this type of simulation-based training will help make our paramedics as prepared as possible to handle crisis situations." 

Following a grant through the National Disaster Resilience Grant Scheme, Ambulance Victoria worked closely with CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group to develop the overall solution, allowing paramedics to adopt the role of the triage officer, who is responsible for performing triage and life-saving treatment of victims. The Ambulance Victoria Virtual Paramedic simulation scenarios, developed and validated using data of actual incidents and patients, requires the trainee to interact with intelligent, virtual characters representing other response agencies and bystanders to make decisions that achieve the desired operational outcome. CAE also implemented a learning management system to record results and provide trainees feedback on their performance. 

Plans for future development include implementing the roles of transport officer and health commander, which will enable Ambulance Victoria paramedics to execute all the primary roles in their emergency response plan. 

"The Ambulance Victoria Virtual Paramedic is a perfect example of how simulation can help deliver more realistic and cost-effective training that helps better prepare people for complex, challenging and often critical situations," said Peter Redman, Managing Director of CAE Australia. "CAE's systems integration experience combined with our expertise in simulation-based training allows us to create integrated solutions that ultimately help improve operational decision-making and enhance preparedness." 

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About the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme 

The Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme is funded by the Australian Government under a National Partnership Agreement on Natural Disaster Resilience with Department of Justice, Victoria. 

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Images from the simulation are available for download at 

Caption: Paramedics are shown here using the Ambulance Victoria Virtual Paramedic simulation-based training tool developed by CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group in partnership with E-Semble. 

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