Social responsibility

At CAE, in making civil aviation safer, helping defence forces return home safely and improving patient safety, our purpose is noble and rooted in the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It captures how we make a difference in the world, and drives our decisions and actions. Our purpose makes our employees proud and our customers delighted.

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People and safety

At CAE, our purpose is all about ensuring the safety and well-being of our stakeholders and our industry. It’s about putting people first. As our company shifts from a product to a training service focus, attracting, developing and retaining the best talent is more crucial to fulfilling our mission than ever. So is cultivating the highest levels of employee engagement. We’re committed to ensuring that flying stays one of the world’s safest mode of transportation by advancing the highest standards of aviation safety, from the ground up into the skies.

Ethics and integrity

Adhering to the highest ethical standards is essential to building stakeholder trust, goodwill and value in today’s world. We expect our employees and business partners to consistently meet our high standards.

Innovation and customer experience

Providing an outstanding customer experience and innovative products and services is key to our competitive advantage. Our strong innovation culture and commitment to best-in-class customer service ensure our industry leadership. They also support our vision to be recognized as the global training partner of choice.

Community and environment

We know that we can only be successful if the communities and economies in which we operate are thriving and prosperous. Minimizing the environmental impact of our operations helps protect natural resources, improve employee and community quality of life, and preserve our license to operate. Our training solutions contribute to this wellbeing by increasing aviation safety, strengthening public security and improving patient outcomes.

CSR governance

Launched in fiscal 2016, our cross-functional CSR Committee is responsible for rolling out and embedding CSR commitments and best practices across CAE. It is also in charge of identifying, reviewing and assessing our performance in ethical, environmental, social and reputational matters. The committee includes members from our three core businesses (Civil Aviation Training Solutions, Defence & Security and Healthcare) as well from engineering, corporate services, and three members from our Executive Management Committee.

Sponsorships & donations

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