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Records Central Services
CAE’s Records Central Services team have detailed experience in aircraft records and transition events, working across all aircraft and engine types.
Our specialised remote records service delivers clients a cost effective, diligent review of their records and provides a detailed Open Item List on a bespoke digital platform in partnership with CloudCards Aviation Software. This program has many benefits allowing for real-time review and closure of records discrepancies integrating all project stakeholders.

Structures Support Group
CAE Parc Aviation provide bespoke aircraft structures, sheet metal and composite repair reviews with fully managed global support to leasing companies, airlines and financial institutions.
We specialise in:

  • Onsite structural/sheet metal/composite repair reviews
  • Onsite bare metal inspections during paint events
  • Onsite repair oversight/support during transition maintenance checks
  • Onsite dent and buckle/repair file mapping
  • Repair file DFP review with Open Item List
  • Repair file/dent and buckle chart creation
  • Technical helpdesk support
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